Tyrula LLC is proud to announce a solution for the creation of Summary of Benefits & Uniform Coverage (SBC) documents, called SBC Boxed. This is a complete ‘in the box’ solution that helps health plans to comply with PPACA/HHS regulations. It includes SBC Compass – Map a solution based on your plan data, SBC Create – Search, review and modify plan data to produce SBCs, and SBC Deliver – Share SBCs as PDFs via print, fax, email, ftp, etc. SBC Boxed captures plan data from various sources into a template and delivers SBCs.

Most health insurance companies are still struggling to provide Summary of Benefits &Uniform Coverage documents by the compliance date of September 23rd 2012. The US Department of Labor (USDOL) has stated that “During the first year of applicability, the Departments will not impose penalties on plans and insurers that are working diligently and in good faith to comply.” SBC Boxed helps companies understand the unique complexity of their specific plan designs, helps create a plan to comply with the requirements, creates a solution to enter and modify plan data, and produces and delivers the SBC documents.

Manu Uppal, the CEO and Co-Founder of Tyrula LLC, says, “Following our passion for simplicity we have created a simple way to plan, generate, and deliver Summary of Benefits &Uniform Coverage documents. It maps a solution from your plan data and enables you to search, review, and modify plan data to produce Summary of Benefits & Uniform Coverage documents quickly. Basically the puzzle pieces are now a picture.”

Tyrula LLC is a products and consulting company focusing on providing innovative IT solutions to healthcare payer organizations. Tyrula’s solutions are derived from the best of both industry experience and technology sophistication and bring a unique perspective to bear on its work towards offering practical solutions. Tyrula recently launched two new products. One, mobile-eXam, is an intuitive and secure application that allows you to record mobile medical screenings used to improve CMS Star Ratings, close HEDIS gaps, and assist in wellness and health assessment programs. The other, SBC Boxed, provides a complete solution to produce SBC documents on demand, merging your plan data into a compliant template.

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