Why Choose RAMP?

Who Uses RAMP

Commercial Health Plans


RAMP significantly reduces the cost and time to retrieve a medical chart and allows you to engage with providers, without disrupting their workflow. Our application enables provider education on accurate documentation and provides visibility and insight into HCC reconfirmation across your provider base, helping you to identify gaps and allocate resources efficiently.

RAMP provides value to Payers: Health plans use RAMP to engage providers for confirming Risk Adjustment and Quality measures with a view to increase revenue.



RAMP allows you to securely transmit medical records to payers with a one-click and submit interface. The app aids you through the work-flow seamlessly by providing visibility on incentives per member, enabling you to prioritize high-risk patients, increasing transparency between you and the payers and instilling best practices for documentation.

RAMP provides value to Providers: Practices use RAMP to focus their efforts on high-risk patients, earning incentives in the process and reducing workflow disruptions.

Features of RAMP