Why Choose HEDIS mobile-eXam?

Improve CMS Star Ratings

Enables you to close elusive HEDIS gaps-in-care and improve your CMS Star Ratings to increase plan reimbursement.

Increase the Value of Member Engagement

Leverages your existing HEDIS analytics to spotlight high-value gaps-in-care that can be closed in member encounters.

Promote Prevention

Record screening results and coordinate follow-up on conditions such as diabetes, asthma and COPD. This preventive approach saves you from encounters in hospitals, urgent care and other costly clinical facilities.

HEDIS mobile-eXam Value

HEDIS mobility


Engaging members to close clinical gaps-in-care is difficult, particularly for the segment of your population who are historically non-compliant with recommended screenings. Our iPad-based app allows you to easily operate in the community and interact with members in their own environment, while maintaining access to each member’s HEDIS gap-in-care data.

secure tablet application to record mobile screening data for members

Proactive Approach

Proactive Approach

The solution leverages the health plan’s current HEDIS surveillance, allowing users to identify critical gaps-in-care in real-time.

Streamline Operations

Streamlines Operations

Our comprehensive solution provides secure transfer of clinical data to your source systems, generates orders, labs, member results, and produces insightful reports.

Benefits of HEDIS mobile-eXam

A Greener Solution

Eliminate paper, save time and capture accurate results

Streamlined Operation

Members check-in, sign consent forms, screenings are recorded and check out – all on the tablet device

Flexibility & Scalability

Leverage architecture for mobile to enterprise connectivity

Visual Dashboard

A dashboard for a real-time snapshot of members being screened

Updated Information

Verify member demographic information is up-to-date

Data Integration

Easily links with backend systems

Innate Security

Role-based permissions to prevent unauthorized access

Wireless Printing

Print member results and other legal documents

Detailed Reports

View reports via web interface to keep track of progress

Who Uses HEDIS mobile-eXam

Commercial Health Plans

Health Plans

Managed Care Organizations use HEDIS mobile-eXam to improve HEDIS rates for all lines of business, while Medicare Advantage plans simultaneously improve HEDIS and CMS Star Rankings.

What Others are Saying

"The truly innovative aspect is that it’s not just an iPad in place of paper;
it's a holistic solution that integrates multiple processes and backend systems."

Medicare Managed Client