Why Choose eCS Suite?

Improve Operational Efficiency

eCS increases efficiency and accuracy of revenue cycle management and data processing for core areas such as Claims Submission, Eligibility, Sales, Enrollment, Claims, and Appeals and Grievances.

Adapt the Solution to the Situation

The eCS Suite is comprised of over 45 highly configurable modules used to process a variety of documents from claims, medical charts to financial records.

Capture Data with a Single Solution

eCS is a solution that streamlines the process of capturing data independent of the source, location or format.

What does eCS provide?

eCS Suite Accuracy

eCS Capture provides accuracy

eCS Capture provides accurate data capture independent of the source, location or format of your documents. Utilizing an industry-leading OCR engine, eCS Capture is used to efficiently and accurately get data into your enterprise.

eCS Suite Intuitive

eCS Retrieval provides on-demand information

eCS Retrieval is a web-based solution with a simple interface for document retrieval. Many competing solutions have generalized options and controls whereas eCS Retrieval is configured for your specific task. It securely searches, retrieves, indexes and shares documents and offers comprehensive audit and reporting capabilities.

Learn more about eCS Suite

streamlines the process of capturing data independent of the source, location or format
securely search, retrieve, index and share documents with comprehensive audit and reporting capabilities
quickly capture text from a scan or fax

A few features of eCS

Highly Configurable

Flexibility provided by over 45 modules allows for stable but highly configurable solutions. These solutions can extract data from a host of systems, transform them, and load them into backend systems.


The system architecture has built in redundancy. If hardware resources fail, available hardware resources will take on the transactions and continue processing.


The solution can scale from a few hundred to hundreds of millions of transactions per month. It can easily use additional available hardware resources to process more transactions.

Reporting and notification

The solution has high level operational reports on inventory, history, step or each transaction. The system has notifications when a transaction goes into error or hardware is unreachable.

Who Uses eCS Suite?

Commercial Health Plans


Payers who receive paper and EDI claims use eCS Capture to convert the claims data into information. This information allows for higher auto-adjudication rates thus reducing the cost of transaction. The solution is also in Provider Credentialing, Appeals & Grievances, Enrollment, HR, for large data conversions and numerous other applications.



eCS Revenue Cycle Management solution gives providers a single ‘one-stop’ shop to manage their entire revenue cycle. This easy-to-use solution helps to assure greater accuracy and efficiency driving revenue performance before the patient checks in until the last dollar is collected.

The solution automates real-time eligibility inquiries and allows for comprehensive visibility into all processing results. Extensive claim tracking include advanced workflows to manage rejections and denials as well as payments and billing. It includes a robust, comprehensive, and easy to use the suite of Advanced Reporting and Metrics to help drive Revenue Performance.

In addition to revenue cycle management, due to Quality and Risk Adjustment programs, payers have increased requests for medical records from providers. In the current incompatible nature of EMR and Payer systems, Payer staff are visiting provider offices to copy or scan paper medical records. The eCS Suite will easily integrate any EMR solution to Payer systems. This makes it easier to communicate with Payers and avoid unnecessary disruptions in your workflow.