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Tyrula is an 8(a) small, minority, woman-owned business with twenty years of experience in research and information technology. We provide IT software, services, and management consulting to our clients, ensuring that their solutions, IT resources and process improvement initiatives properly align with the their core mission.

Tyrula is a products and consulting company focused on providing innovative health care IT solutions. By combining industry specific skills with leading-edge technology, Tyrula collaborates with clients to help increase their revenue and improve the quality of health care. We focus on providing proactive solutions for risk adjustment, quality improvement and health plan operations.

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Who We Help

Tyrula IT Services Government Programs

Government Programs

Tyrula is an 8(a) certified women-owned small business that has been providing cutting-edge solutions and services to federal agencies and healthcare customers. Clients include the Air Force Medical Support Agency, Indian Health Services and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Our products and services are approved on many government contracting schedules.


Healthcare Providers

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is crucial for healthcare providers to optimize their revenue streams. RCM involves the process of tracking patient care from registration to final payment. By streamlining the billing process, RCM ensures timely payment from insurance companies and patients. It also improves revenue collection, reduces denied claims, and lowers cost of collection. An efficient RCM system can benefit healthcare providers by increasing their financial stability while improving patient care.

Commercial Health Plans

Commercial Health Plans

With the Affordable Care Act, the commercial insurance market is becoming more competitive. We help health plans compete by maximizing risk adjustment revenue for the individual market and optimizing operations.

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Patients First

Helping Patients Navigate Medical Expenses

We understand that taking care of patients’ health is a top priority. However, we also recognize that helping patients pay for healthcare is equally important. Healthcare costs can be a significant burden for patients and their families. Tyrula’s eCS solution includes patient financial counseling, an essential service that helps patients understand and manage their medical expenses. Our experienced financial counselors work with patients to create personalized financial plans that meet their needs.

How We Help


Optimizing Revenue Streams

Our team of experts offers comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services to healthcare providers. We help our clients optimize their revenue streams by streamlining billing process and ensuring timely payments from insurance companies and patients. Our RCM solutions also reduce denied claims, improve revenue collection, and lower collection costs. With our efficient RCM system, healthcare providers can enhance their financial stability and focus on delivering quality patient care.

eCS Suite

Optimizing Health Plan Operations

eCS Suite saves you time, money, and allows you to focus on value-added tasks. eCS Suite is an Extract, Transform and Load solution with configurable modules that automate health plan operations.