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Who We Help

Government Programs

Tyrula is an 8(a)  certified women-owned small business that has been providing quality IT solutions and services to federal health agencies. Our clients include the Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA) and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). We also offer our services on the following contracting vehicles: GSA-IT70, CMS-SPARC, CMS-MIDS, HHS-IAAI, CIO-SP3 SB 8(a), IAAI, and Seaport-E.

Medicare and Medicaid Health Plans

For Medicare we close HEDIS gaps-in-care to improve CMS Star Ratings, reconfirm HCCs to increase revenue, and simplify Health Plan Operations to save time and money. For Medicaid, we improve risk adjustment by reconfirming CDPS conditions and increase HEDIS scores by closing gaps-in-care.

Commercial Health Plans

With the Affordable Care Act, the commercial insurance market is becoming more competitive. We help health plans compete by maximizing risk adjustment revenue for the individual market, improving HEDIS scores, and optimizing operations.


Accountable Care Organizations and Independent Physician Associations are gaining responsibilities in managing both risk and quality. We provide proven tools to confirm HCCs and CDPS, improve HEDIS scores, format data while adhering to PQRS GPRO criteria, and streamline communications with health plans.

How We Help

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Increasing Risk Adjustment and Quality Revenue

RAMP increases Risk Adjustment and Quality revenue through proactive score confirmation, increased provider engagement, and streamlined operations.

Optimizing Health Plan Operations

eCS Suite saves our clients time, money, and allows them to focus on value-added tasks. eCS Suite is an Extract, Transform and Load solution with configurable modules that automate health plan operations.